Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brittney Might be Cheezy, But She's a Mamma, Too

The thing is, I could really, truly LIVE off of cheese and cheese alone. Brie, Bleu, Cheddar, Swiss.... Jarlesberg, St. Andre. I really like cheese.

But I am down another pound this week- seriously. This morning, I woke up before everyone else, and the house was quiet. I devised a list of songs that I really jam to, and made sure that I had at least a half hour of music. This morning, my list was mostly mainstream hip hop/rock:

Shut Up and Drive (Rhianna, 3:32)

Wait a Minute (Estelle, 3:41)

Umbrella (Rhianna, 4:36)

Gimme More (Brittney Spears*, 4:13)

American Boy (Estelle, 4:45)

**HoopMamma is now officially giving people permission to admit that Britt is not half bad. 

You gotta know that I get that the girl is a couple french fries short of a Happy Meal. Done. HoopMamma tends to believe that the poor lil' darling is a victim of the world; a real nobody living in a "somebody's" body. I won't even get into her personal life right now, as I am sure I know only half of the story. In regards to her music, I am sure that someone else is really puttin the works behind her songs, and that she just shows up. I bet she has trouble even doing that. 

HoopMamma feels sorry for the BritMamma. I wish I could show her how to hoop. I think it could really help to heal her in a big way. I guess dancing to Brittney is fulfilling to me, because its my personal shout-out for all the Mammas that have ever struggled in the popularity contest. I am routin'  for her. Besides, her music makes me feel like I am 19, and really it's all about ME.

HoopMamma says this about music: Enjoy hooping to what's not cool or what is.... WHATEVER. Just hoop.

Hooping has brought me to a whole 'nother level when it comes to music. I am open to SO many astists that I never would have heard on the radio. Don't get me wrong, I am a total moron when it comes to differentiating between the genres of alternative independant-types: Electronic, Emo, House vs. Deep House; Drum and Bass vs. House..? I dunno; I world vs. imported? Yeah, it sounds just about as ridiculous as it is. I have learned so much about music through hooping and iTunes. I allow myself to purchase 1 new album a week. It is important to me; I really love exploring through iTunes, and finding music to hoop to. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about my music, so long as it really, literally pulls me to my feet.

More HoopMamma Picks:

I love the Hotel Costes Series (I think there are like 10 of them). My favorite is 8 and 9, but I really like all the albums. Also, I like the Verve remixed Albums; check those out for sure. And if you haven't listened to Thievery Corporation, then don't let another day of your life go by...

The nice thing about most electronic music (like the artists I JUST mentioned), it that you can listen to it in front of your kids. They might not dig it like Hanah Montana, but they won't be scarred by listening to it (Maybe no hooping to Notorious BIG, Mammas. Sorry.)

HoopMamma made the mistake of listening to "I See You Baby..." Groove Armada, in front of her 4 year old. Now her sweet little girl sings "...shakin' that ass" every once in an inappropriate while.

I hope that some of this rocks you, and most of all inspires you to hoop. HoopMamma sees you baby, SHAKIN THAT A$$!



nenuphar said...

You scare me, HoopMamma...just as you posted this I was burning a hooping playlist!

While Brittney won't be making it on playlists of mine, I agree that you should hoop to whatever your little heart desires.

Some songs on my newly burned CD: Moby's "Bodyrock"...B-52's "Pump"...LEN's "Steal My Sunshine"..."What Is Love" by Deee-Lite...Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" (daughter loves that one)...even a Korean rap song. Good ol' fun-in-the-park grooves.

kats420 said...

I *heart* you HoopMamma! You make my soul sing :)

~ g said...

once again, you INSPIRE me! I plan to post music lists, videos and all that once I am up-to-date...I posted some stuff so far...I want you to really know me...only fair since I am reading your story...I really have one, too...what's cool is, EVERYONE does...I LOVE that!
now, for anyone reading this, my blog is by invitation only...we'll see how that goes...
♥ ~ g