Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mamma Seeks to Find Herself In the Hoop, and Instead Loses Herself in the Ether

Like some sort of crazy cosmic luck, the last entry that I made disappeared into cyberspace. 

I spent the past two days in Carmel with my hubby, celebrating SEVEN years we have been married...! Crazy. I wrote a blog entry the night before we left, and felt all funny about it. Like I had gone off on a tangent, and I wasn't so sure it would be received well. HoopMamma is always a little concerned with what other Mammas think (yes, this would be YOU). I chewed and chewed on it, but figured that I had already posted it, and there was no going back. I was wondering why no one was commenting, and now I realize that there was nothing to comment about. Whew! Now I have another chance to create for you what I had originally intended. This time, my thoughts will be more clearly laid out.

Nevermind the fact that I spent a good amount of time writing the last post... argh. I will not let it bother me.

A-HA! I have discovered my error.... I posted to Hoopnotica instead of HoopMamma. I will punish myself for this error. Many lashings, many lashings... Check it out at

I just found it, and noted the comment I received from Shavonne.... isn't it funny how I worried?Look at that... I am so happy about this whole blogging business. It makes me feel connected to you all; makes me feel less alone. As I am pretty much the only Mamma in my circle of Hoopers, sometimes I feel like I am so very different. 

Just because time, distance and circumstance dictate that we do not know one another, we are all connected because we are Mammas. We share the same desires, the same oneness. Its calming to me to know that I am not so unique in my struggles to raise this family and retain my own sense of identity at the same time. Wow.




Kim said...

Hey hoopmamma, I found your other post over on hoopnotica yesterday. It was so much like me before I found the hoop. I was turning into the kind of mom that I had always rolled my eyes at. Now the hoop has helped me find my sexy again. I am a mother but I am also a woman. Thank you so much for standing up and saying- Hey we can be moms and be damn hot too! Keep the inspiration coming. I am getting off my butt and hooping even though my neighbors are staring because I know that you and the other hoopmammas are out there (somewhere) hoopin' too. And congrats on the seven year anniversary!

nenuphar said...

Yes, happy anniversary :)

I commented right on your post in Hoopnotica, so I won't repeat myself. But I am glad you too the risk and expressed yourself openly - it was downright healing for me to read the very same thoughts I had in my head, but felt too low and embarrassed about myself to express to anyone. Thank you!

And eight pounds is a whole lot! Go, you.

I myself will be measuring my progress with Melodia pants...the day I fit easily into the size range is when I will buy myself some ;)

Klee said...

You don't have to worry about what the other hooping mommies think. We're all right there with you!

I skipped the gym this morning to take my 4 year old shoe shopping and to ride the little train at the outdoor mall. The idea being to wear her out so she would nap and I could hoop.

She fell asleep in the car and I thought "All right! 30 minutes of hooping, here I come!" The minute I pulled up in the driveway she woke up and heard the too loud music coming from the ice cream man's truck. Foiled again.

So, perhaps I won't get my 30 minutes of hooping today after all, but I hope you do so you can continue to inspire the other mommies out there.

~ g said...

I love connecting here...and I need to do it more often...since I am probably the OLDEST hooper AND mamma in this ciecle... =D