Monday, August 18, 2008

Hippie Sh%$t, Revisited

This is my favorite time of the evening: The kids are in bed (and I am relatively certain that they are not going to come sneaking down the stairs right now). It is my time of the day that is all mine. This isn't always true; sometimes my hubby demands of my time at about this point. But he's not here, so this time is ALL MINE, DAMNIT!  : )

HoopMamma almost lost it today, man. I don't know what was up with today- it started out right, and then it sucked pretty bad. Rayna, Keaton, and I met at the Urth Cafe in Santa Monica for our weekly meeting/gossip session. I rode my bike there; the sun was shining, the birds were singing. 

I brought my Travel Hoop with me, and both the Ladies were impressed. Just this small change in my actions has helped me out in getting my 30 minutes in- I bring it strapped to my back in the Hoop Tote, and it has become a topic of discussion wherever I go. It also reminds me of my commitment overall: to eating a little less, drinking a little more water, and hooping 30 minutes a day. 

I also think that writing is keeping me in check. I really like feeling connected to all you Mammas. This is the stuff our company was founded upon, and is exactly the stuff I had lost contact with. I was really suffering from a case of the CEO-s; so ultra behind the scenes, that people really didn't know that I existed. Rayna and Keaton (you know them from the website, and the DVD) have always been the "faces" of Hoopnotica. This has been mostly because they are best "fit" for the job. I really didn't think it appropriate for me to step out on the DVD fitness platform. HoopMamma will be lots of things in her life, but never a fitness model. Really.

There is a downfall to this that I was not aware of until now; I wasn't keeping motivated by the people whose life we have played a part in. It was beginning to feel like Hoopdance was all work work, work. 

But anyways, just another little Thanks for giving me back the Love.

So I have built a Facebook page, and a MySpace page. I am really at the beginning of understanding these two things. Please invite me to be your friend. I have no friends, presently. Ya know, HoopMamma has avoided participating in the social networking stuff for a few reasons:

  1. HoopMamma's got a few blemishes from the past. I like to believe that I have moved on, but there are certain people that I don't want "finding me".
  2. I don't want people all up in my business; I saw my teenage cousin's MySpace page once- WOW. She's gonna look back on THAT one day...
  3. I am scared I won't be able to do it right- I know, sounds stupid, but there are only so many hours in my day.

I couldn't understand why it would benefit me. Except now, I do. What started as a business decision to "drive more traffic to the site" has become so much more. HoopMamma thinks everyone should experience this; and so I'd like to invite you to start a blog. Even if you don't already have one; make up a HoopMamma-like name, and lets go! 

30 minutes a day is really all it takes. I am down another pound this week, did I tell you!!?? Its so nice- my jeans are now loose, and I feel so much lighter on my feet. My face looks thinner, and I stand up a little taller. I am THRILLED that my plan is working!

I would like to encourage you all to recommit to the intentions we have set, and give yourselves a way to be supported:

Bring your hoop everywhere you go. For more on this subject, read my last post.

Subscribe to my posts, and comment on them. Send me an e mail; I read them and I respond. Sometimes not right away, but I respond.

Hoop Often. 

Teach others; invite your girlfriends or other moms you're considering befriending.

Write once a week for your own blog, or in a journal. 

You could allow me to link to your blogs (and vice versa). Pretty please? Also, if anyone really understands the "right way" to do this in order to build more traffic, let me know? I am sure you are all more savvy than I... Together, we can really make a positive change in the world. Can you imagine if all the Mammas in the world hooped? MMMmmmm... the world would really be a better place. 

WARNING: HoopMamma is about to go HIPPIE
We could all set up Hooping groups all over the country and teach other Mammas how to Hoop. If I do it in LA, and you do it there, and she does it there...  

Hipie Love, man. I got such a core of Hippie Love; especially for the Mammas. And I mean it. So what if I backed up my words a little bit?

OK fine. I got hoops on it. Send me an e mail before 9/02/08 with your intentions and plans to share Hoop dance in your home town. Promise me that you won't give the hoops away, but that you will use them for sharing with others. I will send you up to 5 free hoops to do it with. You pick up the shipping. Deal?

Hoopnotica loves the HoopMammas.
Lemme know if you're down!

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Anonymous said...

This post is dated the 18th, but it just appeared in my feed today (26th) - strange!

Hoopmamma, I am down widdit! So down widdit, in fact, that I'll be emailing you with some interesting propositions.

Congratulations on another pound lost! I don't weigh myself (too discouraging right now), but my pants are a little bit looser.

I could get so many more people hooping if it weren't 105 degrees outside most days! Just you wait 'til it starts to get cooler out here...