Saturday, August 2, 2008

Even Mammas Can Turn Tricks

Unless you've been hiding in a cave (well, this could describe the HoopMamma readers, as school is totally out for the summer, right?) Then you have heard the song American Boy by Estelle., right? Well, this is HoopMamma's little diddy of the week. I have been driving my neighbors crazy, I am sure, by playing it over and over again.... it's just about 5 minutes long, which means I can listen to it a few times in a row and I get my workout session in. I know, psychotic..... here ya go.

Whatever music you choose to hoop to, make sure that you never forget its importance in keeping you motivated. I used to be a closet J-Lo fan, just because I liked thinking about her ass when I worked out. It doesn't matter what your groove is, just turn it up and DANCE. No excuses.

I went out on a date with my hubby last night; we went to see Cirque Berzerk in downtown LA. It was such an awesome show! Afterwards, there were people hooping in the beer garden outside, and I felt so proud to see that some of them were using hoops that we had made. Its fun for me to be the one that no one really knows; people just assume that Rayna runs the company. Don't get me wrong, Rayna is a damn hard worker- but I play a big role, too. Just not such a public one. Anyways, I spoke with a friend of Rayna's after the performance, who I had met before and adored. She looked so amazing; a reminder of how great women who regularly hoopdance radiate. This particular woman is not a skin and bones size zero- she never really has been. It's one of the things I love about her look; she's voluptuous and sexy. When I was learning to hoop on my upper body, I feared I wouldn't be able to do it, because I had the biggest knockers in the class. This woman is the reason Rayna assured me that,"Women with boobs CAN hoop on their chest". I had no excuse, and she was right.

Seeing her reminded me that even though a woman can look great while carrying a few extra pounds, when she takes them off she looks phenom. I want to be her, damnit. So I am back in the game. Even though I had a good excuse, I fell off the wagon. But I am back now, about to inundate your mailbox with HoopMamma love...! 30 minutes a day, ladies! If you have fallen off your promise, I invite you to get back on with me. 5 pounds at a time, lets inspire each other to be an inspiration.

This week, I want you to focus on learning a new "trick". For those of you new to hooping, this especially applies. Except for the Mamma in France (you know who you are) For you and your daughter, GO HOME. Your hoop is waiting for you....

Learn to corkscrew...learn to pass. If you're advanced, search out a new move, and figure out how to do it. I wanna hear some happiness from the Mammas when you learn to do something new- even if it's just dropping it to your hips!

Here is what I am gonna take on this week:

Happy Hooping!


nenuphar said...

Just 4 more days...I assure you, we are counting the seconds! Even though we'll be sad to leave here.

And we're girls with a year, we're taking a bunch of hoops out here and hooping all summer in the French countryside! Now *that* is a vacation *de luxe*.

Allez, allez, allez HoopMamma! Droit au but (kick it right into the goal, as the football fans here say)!

~ g said...

yay! keep the motivation coming! oh, and that new trick you posted..the video...the exercise alone, the bending over, keeping the head up...PERFECT for me, with the vertigo and all...that was a great tip for me specically, and working on the trick will be fun, too...

Shavonne said...

I haven't started to master this trick. I am still working on my shoulder hooping while standing still. I can shoulder-hoop in a funky cirlce, but it looks so sexy standing still and doing it! That is my challenge, along with finding time to hoop! ;) BTW, I aspire to be a fire hooper and by watching your video, I want to speed up my process! That was sooooo freakin' awesome!!

HoopMamma said...

Shoulder hooping while standing still is awesome- great for hi-energy and just looks damn hot. Agreed. Try putting some power into it- stand with your legs wide and toes pointed out. Rest your hands lightly on your theighs, and really feel the power coming from the points on your outer arms. Push-push, push-push. Really get into the rhythm here- its not as much of the same movement as when you are doing it while moving in a circle; the "rolling" sensation (as you feel it move across your shoulder blade, spine, shoulder blade) is lessened, and the "jerky" side to side is more prevalent. You'll get it. Like all else; needs practice! SO worth it though...wait until you're on your knees doing this move! SO HOT.

Klee said...

I just read your blog and wanted to let you know I spent most of last week working from the same Caroleeena tutorial. Like you, I have to work my hooping in during the kids naptime or while they are busy coloring.

After a week of accidentally throwing my hoop across the room, and smacking my 4 year old daughter in the back of the head with a flying hoop, I can say I have the behind the back roll down. At least in one direction. I'm not sure I'll ever get it going in the other direction, so for now, I'm just pleased to have another really cool move to incorporate into my hoopdance, and it has been a blast.