Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hippie Sh%$t

What is truly amazing to me, time and time again, is how the "universe" will provide for what we ask. Now, HoopMamma typically doesn't like to preach that new age "hippie" sh%$t, but in this case, I cannot help it. 
After coming home from Japan, and experiencing an all new type of jet lag, I was losing the motivation to write this blog. Overcoming a time change is one thing, when there just you to worry about. A little Melatonin, a few naps, six pack of Red Bull and I am good to go. But convincing my children to stay in bed when they are clearly done sleeping and to stay awake during daylight hours was an entirely different challenge. One cannot hand a sleepy 4 year old an energy drink before preschool and tell her to "suck it up". Might be interpreted as abusive, as it turns out. 

My husband and I traded off for the first few days; the kids would wake around midnight and stay up until 5.  They would sleep in until 11 or so, and then be cranky all day long before crashing at 6. Fortunately, HoopMamma was persuasive enough to convince her artist husband that it was he whose schedule allowed a nocturnal lifestyle. HoopMamma could then return to a "normal" schedule within a week, right? Sounded brilliant. Made sense.... all in theory.

So now, almost two weeks since we have been home, I began to question why I even want to write a blog. I get my mission, but must I really share it with the world? Does anyone really care? And when does a blog become like a BLAH BLAH BLOG...? You know the types, right? ranting and raving, going on and on like a personal journal that anyone can read. Well, I have been chewing on it and chewing on this, mostly during my hoop sessions (which these days have been divided into two 15 minute sessions). The answer came as I dragged myself to my computer today, and saw that someone had posted a comment to my last entry.

A comment? Really? Did HoopMamma want to read this? Would this be a bad comment from an old lover? It could be anyone saying anything, really. Oh boy.... I am going to need to ask Rayna how to filter comments...

I read in awe as someone WHOM I DONT EVEN KNOW encouraged me to continue to write the HoopMamma blog. On top of that, "Mommie in Michigan" vowed to hoop for 30 minutes a day, herself. So now, even if only to an audience of one, HoopMamma will continue her blogging manifesto and mission. 

30 MINUTES A DAY, PEOPLE! If you choose to join us, leave me a "comment". And it better be positive, or else I'll have Rayna FILTER you! It will keep the energy moving (hippie sh%$t again), and we'll all achieve our goals together faster.
I have learned so much in my hoop practice about my resistance to exercise in general. I love it when I am doing it, but honestly hate the commitment. Hooping is so different, though- I feel sexy, I look sexy, and I love the feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes I get a 5 minute session in (still counts against the 30 minutes), and am always surprised to feel how energetic I feel afterwards. So this week, the assignment is this: When you feel yourself dragging (and you know when it happens- visions of naps start dancing in your head, you  either grab for the energy drink of choice or surrender to becoming the stereotypical run-down Mom)- try picking up your hoop. A 5 minute Hoopnotica moment is an easy sell- try it in place of your typical "energy rescue". Let it be an experiment for the week. Let me know how it works out for you!

Thank You for taking the time to read this installation of my "blah"g... looking forward to hooping with you as we hoop our way into happier, healthier lives!



Shavonne said...

HoopMamma!! You were in awe? I was in awe when you mentioned me in your blog! When I first read the blog, it was like my subconscience wrote it! I am a new mom that has completely lost her identity. I have gained weight and have not been taking care of me. When you admitted to letting yourself go, it finally hit me that I wasn't alone. Hooping is fairly new to me (since Jan. 08), but I have both Hoopnotica dvds and 2 travel hoops (both of which have taken serious beatings) and can do just about everything on both videos. Now I wish I would have waited so that I could have had the workout that comes on the new video; ah well, I am happy regardless! I am dedicated to finding and reclaiming myself in the hoop! I have hooped 30 minutes everyday since my last comment and I want to thank you again for fueling my journey. I will take you up on your weekly challenge to hoop as an "energy rescue" and will let you know how things go. Thank you for dragging yourself to the computer to find what you needed to continue your mission and manifesto! Glad I could help in some small way!
P.S. sorry so long... :)

Mommy in Michigan

The Bowman Family said...

I found your blog to be such an inspiration! I was going to comment on your last post but thought-she dosen't know me so maybe that would be too wierd. I found hoopnotica a year ago and have lost about 15 pounds, then hit a plateau. So many things you have written about are the same feelings I struggle with. I love hooping but find it hard to get to sometimes. But tommorrow I am going to start hooping 30 min a day! It's nice to know there are other moms out there like me! Thanks!

Jen said...

From one hoop mama to another....
You go girl, I'm a mom of 4 and whenever there is a lull lately, I run outside with my hoop. Luckily three of my kids follow me with their hoops and we carry the littlest one out so she can crawl around.
Time change is a b!$ch, sorry you guys are still lagging. Just so you know, I'm hooping along with you too!

Martine said...

YOU, my dear, are such an inspiration!
I'm "working" on baby number 1 and I'm a hoop addict/newly certified Hoopnotica teacher... I bookmarked your blog. Hooping mamas rock!