Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Down 5, 25 to go....

I am so excited to report two pieces of good news to my HoopMamma family:

1) I am down 5 pounds since when I started this blog! I have weighed myself in the morning, the evening, and the night. My weight goes up and down, but has been within a pound of a 5 pound loss for the past three days. I now feel safe to announce it! Awww, yeah...

2) I can now hoop every move covered in our DVDs, IN REVERSE!! Mind you; the tricky stuff is a little sloppy- but I can DO all of it, and I feel so great about it. This really expands the scope of my abilities, more than I ever thought possible. I started by re-learning to hoop: I practiced every move in reverse until I got it down, not allowing myself to go in my normal direction at all. 

What I found was that I have such a $h!tty attitude about things I can't pick up immediately. I could actually hear myself trying to talk myself out of these exercises. "I look like a crazed chicken. This is stupid. People will think I can't hoop if they are walking by. This makes me look ugly. This sucks. This was a stupid idea." Wow- I am capable of a whole lot of $h!tty for such a petite woman. 

But lemme tell you- when HoopMamma overcame the initial awkwardness, there was nothing like it! Except maybe, learning the same moves in my natural direction. : )

I have been longing to feel like this with my hooping! To be in a place where I can feel the pride of accomplishment when I nail a new move. What I realize now is that it was always a possibility; I had just cleverly talked myself out of enjoying the journey.

HoopMamma is too smart for her own good sometimes (know anyone else like that?)

: ) Happy Hooping!



Shavonne said...

You go girl!!!! Congrats on the lost poundage and the new moves. I am in the process of working on my "remedial right" as I call it. Just can't seem to find the sexiness on that side yet. I am bringing it back to basics starting with the "one foot in front of the other, bend your knees, and shift your weight". I vow to make my "remedial right" my "righteous right"!

~ g said...

well, ISN'T that GREAT?! yes, I loudly agree "YOU GO, GIRL!" congrats!

as for me, Vertigo has reared it's ugly, dizzy head...I actually felt it coming on when I made a comment to you the other day...but that is not stopping me from a few moments of waist and hip's actually helping me...the heat outside here is pretty brutal now, also...early mornings and evenings are the best time to take my bod out in the yard...I long for fall when anytime of day will be great...
again, your post today is reminding me that is ALL what you can, when you can, however you will all eventually work out...just don't EVER "talk down" a move...or yourself!

(p.s. thanks SO much for blogging like this! keep it up!)

Martine said...

Congratulations on both the 5lbs and the reverse direction hooping!!!