Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9 minutes of Hooping Bliss

I was a total MOOD today. I can't explain it, and I have no excuse. 

But I'll attempt it anyways.

I wouldn't hoop. "I just didn't feel like it". There was no talking me out of it, I just didn't care today. I even sold myself on the idea that it is "ok" to take a day off from my commitment. Lemme tell you somethin: It's really NOT okay. HoopMamma lives life on a series of slippery slopes: One excuse bleeds into another, and one day I find myself 30 and "still" overweight. Well past the whole "post partum" thing. II am ready to own that I am professional procrastinator, and it stops right now. Or else it will continue and I will be 40 and "still overweight"...and then "50 and still..." Blah blah blah. 

So no, it is NOT okay. I will be the role model for my daughter that I want to be; this includes being active, eating healthy, and having a body which reflects it. I will not allow myself to continue with the bad habits which prevent me from attaining my goals. 

(Okay, glad we got that out of the way- now, where was I? Right- )
HoopMamma was really a grump today. For all intensive purposes, I shouldn't have been. Probably something hormonal. I yelled at my Pop; ignored my hubby; was at best amicable with my children; and couldn't say something motivational to my staff if my life depended on it. Hooping was out of the question.

Recently, I began really seriously taking a look at what I eat. I am eating less, and really controlling my diet in a way I have never done before. Don't misunderstand me here; I have been on a "diet" since I was 13. So I should be really good at it by now, right? Lets hope so. 

So in addition to what I buy, I have made a few changes to the way I think about dieting and food. Here they are:

I don't say dieting; I say reducing. I am in a state of reduction.

I don't have to eat anything if I don't want to. This may sound simple, but it is revolutionary for me. In the past, I have always eaten food for all the wrong reasons:

"Its lunchtime". 
"I ordered it, so I might as well eat it." 
"I am not going to eat for a while, so I better eat now."

I mean, what the heck are those? Who planted those terrible thoughts in my head? No matter, really- I am not going to enforce them any more, man. HoopMamma is getting off the train right here!

So I don't eat when I am not hungry, and I catch my negative thoughts more often to turn them around. 

Maybe all this "self-growth and empowerment" is making me grumpy. Or maybe it's Aunt Flo, threatening an early visit.

In any event, it took me all day (until 7:00) to get in a good Hoop. I finally was able to snap my head out of it long enough to put on some Sheryl Crow and grab my new Cosmo hoop. And it was just enough... I feel so much more relaxed and cheery. I am still not talking to my hubby and children; I 'll blow kisses from a far.  But tomorrow is another day. And 9 minutes of hooping bliss was all I need to rest my head on the pillow, and drift off to sleep stress-free...

By the way, I did take my "before " pictures last week. I have decided not to share them until I lose my 15th pound. That way I will be half way there. And these before shots are juicy, man... HoopMamma went all crazy and showed off her back fat- its really bad. Maybe I'll pin them to my wall, and use them as motivation. Because I sure as hell am not gonna show YOU (until I got a better "after shot"!)...



nenuphar said...

Everyone has off-days, HoopMamma! Good on you for being in touch with your mood and identifying it. That's better than being in a mood and not trying to think why, and ignoring it and not learning from it.

You're well on your way with losing weight...9 pounds, am I right? It sounds like you're coasting right now, so just be careful about the plateau. But I have heard that hooping is a plateau-buster, so maybe you won't even hit a plateau...

I will be honest and say that I didn't follow the Hooping Directive yesterday! I had my first university class in 17 years (!) , and was overwhelmed and exhausted by the crowded campus experience, and my daughter had this yucky rash...blah, blah. After bathing her in Aveeno and tucking her in bed, I heard HoopMamma's voice saying, "Just hoop for 10 minutes! C'mon!" But then I thought, before bed? Naaaaahhh...that will wake me up too much and I won't sleep well. See what I know! Sheesh. I'm sorry, HoopMamma!

Perhaps I made up for it this morning, though, because I went outside and rocked out that hoop like never before. I am starting to be able to take steps while hooping! It's incredible!

Carrie said...

Your so funny! I am doing the same thing. I just started my own blog a few months ago and I want to blog about hooping but I want to show a before and after pic so I haven't even mentioned it..just a few close family and friends even know I am hooping. Not that I am embarrassed about hooping but I bought it for helping me lose weight and get active and I have a tendency to find the "it" product and buy it to lose weight and it never happens. I usually stop after a week or two. But I have been hooping for 2 weeks and have lost 3 pounds. I haven't changed my diet yet but I will try and be more cautious about quantity and frequency. I would like to lose 35 pounds from where I am at this point. I am this time keeping an Excel spread sheet of how often I hoop, my weight every week, and my body measurements to see if I am losing any inches. It has actually helped because I can see my progress and hopefully it will help me to stay motivated. Today when I measured it says I lost an inch in my hips...I still find that hard to believe in just 2 weeks but an inch is an inch...can I get an AMEN! You would think have 3 kiddos I would be thin as a rail but not the cause :) But I will say you help keep me motivated and it is nice to know I am not alone in this journey to hotness!

~ g said...

ok, I am all caught up on here...I will SO try to be a positive motivation for you...I just roll like that...yeah..positive vibes...that's all about me...

remember, I heart 'ya!